New Mexico Cross Country State Championship 2013

Rio Rancho, NM


Double-dipping in Rio Rancho Nov 11, 2013

Donevan Gravelle made certain the Taos scoring got off to a great start, and his teammates cleaned up nicely in his wake. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Los Alamos, unscathed Nov 11, 2013

For the first time all season, Nica Vasquez was the face of the front for Los Alamos cross country. Photo by Alan Versaw.

No such thing as a sure thing Nov 10, 2013

With only a quarter-mile to go, William Charles steels himself to withstand the closing charges of Garrison Eddie and Jacob Subratie. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Saving their best for last Nov 10, 2013

Mike Walker may have made the most important single move in all ten state meet races when he caught and passed Albuquerque Academy's Kevin Wyss at the finish line. Photo by Alan Versaw.

The difference a year makes Nov 10, 2013

When Alex Eustace and his Zuni teammates break a sweat, everyone gets to feel the heat. Photo by Alan Versaw.

Kermit was wrong, it is easy being green Nov 10, 2013

Dayna Guerro would push Taylor Bacon over the first mile, but Bacon had withered the challenge by the second pass of the football stadium. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 2A Nov 07, 2013

Tre' Riley, at right, was young last year and finished 25th in the state meet. Look for a much bigger contribution from him this year. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 5A Nov 07, 2013

Eldorado's Adam Monroe and Rio Rancho's Devin Paredes battled most of the way through the Metro Championships in October. How this pairing comes out on Saturday could have a signficant bearing on the overall team standings. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 3A Nov 06, 2013

Rachel Fleddermann will be looking to outrun the crowds again at this year's state meet. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 4A Nov 06, 2013

Cameren Kristensen and Julie Giannini have seen a lot of each other this season, but there's one more round of it coming. Photo by Alan Versaw.

State Previews: 1A Nov 05, 2013

Last year, Dayna Guerro went out hard before succumbing to Valene Madalena's withering pace. This year, Guerro appears to be better prepared for whatever ordeal Madalena might throw her way. Photo by Alan Versaw.