New Mexico Boys Cross Country Countdown: #1 Los Alamos

The New Mexico Cross Country Countdown breaks down the top 25 New Mexico boys and girls teams returning this fall. These rankings will include projected top runners and weighing how each team may do in their respective districts and state competitions. Changes to class alignments and adaptions to the state championship format have been taken into consideration. These rankings are based on past two seasons of performances and do not include teams that did not compete last year due to a lack of athletes and team information. All top returning runners are only projections and may include athletes no longer on the team due to transfer or out-of-state relocation.

#1 Los Alamos Hilltoppers

At last, we've come down to the clear #1 boys team returning this fall, Los Alamos. Sure there are teams that bring back nearly if not entire scorers from last year but it still remains that the Hilltoppers just have the deepest roster. They return Wakei Hettinga the 5th place man as well as Ryan Aldaz who captured 8th to also be an All-State performer. On a rare occurrence that comes from scoring four athletes instead of five, Hope Christian found themselves hoisting the blue trophy despite the fact that Los Alamos had four runners in the top 10. They return Keith Bridge (57th) as the last man from the 2020 team who in 2019 was a 9th place finisher. From there they could see seniors Morgan Schaller and Reuben Goettee filling out as the scoring five this fall. With this potential five, they are looking at four men in the 16-minute range and potentially all of them heading into the year. That is by far the fastest squad of any team going into the season and really with room for the bar to be raised as Los Alamos sets its sights on yet another championship year.

4A Boys

2020 State Finish: 2nd

State Titles: 2003, 2007, 2011 - 2014, 2018 - 2019

Individual State Champions: Ric Rojas (1968, 1969) Anthony Sandoval (1970, 1971) Ryan McNiff (2005) Kyle Pittman (2008, 2009) Nick Hill (2012) Colin Hemez (2013) 

2021 Los Alamos Rankings

New Mexico Ranking1st
4A Ranking1st
District 2-4A Ranking1st

Top Returning Runners

NameGradePersonal Best (5K)Best State Finish

Wakei Hettinga


Ryan Aldaz


Keith Bridge

Sr16:099th (2019)

Morgan Schaller


Reuben Goettee