New Mexico Boys Cross Country Countdown: #4 Cleveland

The New Mexico Cross Country Countdown breaks down the top 25 New Mexico boys and girls teams returning this fall. These rankings will include projected top runners and weighing how each team may do in their respective districts and state competitions. Changes to class alignments and adaptions to the state championship format have been taken into consideration. These rankings are based on past two seasons of performances and do not include teams that did not compete last year due to a lack of athletes and team information. All top returning runners are only projections and may include athletes no longer on the team due to transfer or out-of-state relocation.

#4 Sue Cleveland Storm

Should there really be any doubt in Cleveland's ability to put together a championship-caliber team year in and year out? The Storm has a stable of agile runners that wait years to get a chance at varsity and really at this point the dynasty is solidified. Cody Toya (22nd) and Caden Nunn (23rd) return from this championship that just grabbed their fourth straight.  Although this roster can really end up with an entirely new seven we will like to think that upperclassmen like Colin Ross, Blayne Howell, and Jamell Sanchez are ready for their shot. If the scoring five are any combination of these guys or similar to the Storm might just be walking home with that unbelievable beauty of a fifth straight 5A State trophy. Nothing is set in stone as they will once again take on other schools that have managed to return seasoned varsity runners that already have All-State performances under their belts.

5A Boys

2020 State Finish: 1st

State Titles: 2011, 2012, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Individual State Champions: Luis Martinez (2011, 2012, 2013) Yonas Haile (2017, 2018)

2021 Cleveland Rankings

New Mexico Ranking4th
5A Ranking 2nd
District 1-5A Ranking2nd

Top Returning Runners

NameGradePersonal Best (5K)Best State Finish

Cody Toya

Sr16:2115th (2019)

Caden Nunn


Colin Ross


Blayne Howell


Jamell Sanchez