Article Comment: What to Look for This Weekend

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For most of the teams competing, and especially those teams outside of Dona Ana County, this is opening weekend. There should be a lot to see.
  • Alan Versaw
    Site Admin
    And one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to coming out of this weekend--having actual photographs to work with for cover illustrations. If you get a good one you'd like to share, please send it along. I'm tired of posting articles without photos .
  • Adam Kedge
    What we'll see, 1) inevitably some shakey 4x100, 4x200 hand offs, 2) some kid chomping on a power bar in the stands while his/her race is only moments away with a coach yelling "where's ....!" and 3) someone that'll "cut in" on the back stretch of the 400. It is always fun.