New Mexico's Top Small-School Girls Programs

Hayden Colfax, among the top track athletes in New Mexico, should help to keep Santa Fe Prep in the 3A title hunt this spring.


Certainly, some of you read last week's season previews for large school boys and large school girls. But, I can't make the assumption that all of you read those.

So, a few introductory comments are in order.

Earlier this winter, MileSplit asked me if I'd be willing to write a couple of free content articles per week this spring to help add some fresh content to the New Mexico site. You might have guessed by now that I said yes.

This week, we'll be taking an in-depth look at small-school girls (this article) and then small-school boys (later this week). After we're done with preseason preview articles, we'll try to stay current through the season, but bouncing around between event areas and larger and smaller schools. 

For these articles to be all they can be, I'm going to need some help. The first help needed is results. If you have results and don't know where to send them, please send them to me ( or Jaren Brooks (find his email at the bottom of every page on MileSplit New Mexico). We'll make sure they get posted.

Another piece of help I'll need is photos. This article doesn't have all the photos it could have. I'm using what I have available, but I'd use more if I had them. If you'd like to see your school featured in a MileSplit New Mexico article, please feel welcome to send photos to me at the email address above. Photos should be horizontally oriented--because that's what displays best here, should be action shots, and should be in school team uniforms whenever possible. I'll break one or more of those rules as I need to to have pictures to place in the articles, but those are the goals to aspire to.

I'll try not to keep using photos from the same school over and over again, but I can only use what I have.

Finally, if you find a name misspelled in one of these articles, please let me know. I'd far rather be corrected than wrong about that.

That should do it for preliminaries. On the pages that follow, you will find season previews for each of 3A Girls, 2A Girls, and 1A Girls. Click on Next below and you'll land on the 3A Girls page.