New Mexico XC District Previews: District 3 1A-6A

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East Mountain's Addison Rauch will lead the Lady Timberwolves against the rest of District 3/4-4A. Photo by Rod Stanopeiwicz.

It’s chopping block time for New Mexico Cross Country. After this weekend, the State Championship fields will be set.  The below Districts hav been compiled using the Section IV of the NMAA Alignment and Classification Bylaws. While reading these, remember, Top 3 teams and Top 3 Individuals go!


The Players: Deming, Gadsden, Las Cruces, Mayfield, Onate

The Host: One of the five schools

2013 State Result:

  • Deming—4A No Girls or Boys Team; Highest Returning Finishers—91 Caleigh Yancone, 93 Martin Villagrana
  • Gadsden—No Girls Team, Boys 14th; Highest Returning Finisher—57 Monika Chavez Valtierra, 38 Juan Pantoja
  • Las Cruces—Girls 12th, No Boys Team; Highest Returning Finisher—40 Irene Fernald, 63 AJ Zemek
  • Mayfield—No Girls Team, Boys 9th; Highest Returning Finisher—84 Sophia Sanchez-Maes, 50 Gage Ortiz
  • Onate—Girls 7th, Boys 7th; Highest Returning Finisher—11 Meghan Aguilera, 20 Manny Casillas

Closet recent head-to-head results: Onate Rob Winter (minus Gadsden)

Girls Result—1st Onate, 13th Mayfield, No Score for Deming and Las Cruces

Boys Result—3rd Onate, 8th Mayfield, 16th Deming, No Score for Las Cruces


By the strength of their performance at the Rio Rancho Jamboree, Onate is a lock. After that, it gets real tight. This could be the first District where a team gets completely shutout, who that is, only race day will tell.

The Virtual Meets show just as much, Girls and Boys.


The Players: Belen, Centennial, Chaparral, Los Lunas, Santa Teresa, Valencia

The Host: Santa Teresa

2013 State Result:

  • Belen—No Girls Team, Boys 5th; Highest Returning Finishers—2 Arena Lewis, 2 Aaron Valenzuela
  • Centennial—Girls 15th, Boys 13th; Highest Returning Finisher—77 Corinne Hanson, 40 Darren Smith
  • Chaparral—Girls 13th, No Boys Team; Highest Returning Finisher—56 Raquel Najera, 117 Daniel Vazquez
  • Los Lunas—Girls 10th, No Boys Team; Highest Returning Finisher—34 Keilee Kinghorn, 44 Nathan Candelaria
  • Santa Teresa—Girls 8th, Boys 15th; Highest Returning Finisher—3 Regina Marquez, 89 Harrison Lewis
  • Valencia—Girls 7th, No Boys Team; Highest Returning Finisher—7 Carisma Lovato

Most recent head-to-head results: Rio Rancho Jamboree

Girls Result—Championship 13th Valencia, 15th Santa Teresa, 26th Belen, 29th Los Lunas, Varsity 3rd Centennial, 28th Chaparral

Boys Result—Championship 23rd Belen, 26th Santa Teresa, Varsity 3rd Centennial, 7th Valencia, 15th Los Lunas, 28th Chaparral


Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Dissolving the old District 6-4A doesn’t make the path to Rio Rancho any easier for the Valencia County Schools. And yes, that’s five girls teams that qualified for State last year, five scoring teams won’t be returning this year.

Valencia’s Carisma Lovato will be back, as will Santa Teresa’s Britani Gonzalez, who took last weekend off. Those two additions should push their teams over the top, but for the third spot, it definitely is a good thing it gets settles on the course.

For the Boys, after Belen’s 1-2 punch of Aaron Valenzuela and Jared Garcia, it’s anyone’s guess. Valencia has looked good at times, but so have Centennial, Los Lunas, and Santa Teresa.

There is one thing this District will not disappoint with, and that’s an honest pace.

The Girls and Boys Virtual Meets illustrate just how tight the results will be.


The Players: Cobre, East Mountain, New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI), Ruidoso, Silver, Socorro

The Host: Ruidoso

2013 State Result:

  • Cobre—2A No Girls Team, Boys 12th; Highest Returning Finishers—11 Skylar Jones, 42 Isaiah Soliz
  • East Mountain—2A Girls 1st, Boys 3rd, Highest Returning Finisher—7 Addison Rauch, 4 Alex Heffelfinger
  • NMMI—2A No Girls Team, Boys 11th; Highest Returning Finisher—23 Amira Hindi, 69 Alex Kivela
  • Ruidoso—Girls 9th, Boys 10th; Highest Returning Finisher—7 Regan Werito, 32 Bob Cisco
  • Silver—Girls 10th, No Boys Team; Highest Returning Finisher—34 Emily Zollinger, 58 Eddie Misquez
  • Socorro—No Girls Team, Boys 12th, Highest Returning Finisher—42 Emerald Goranson, 85 Asher Guengerich

Closest head-to-head results: Rio Rancho (minus NMMI)

Girls—Championship 12th East Mountain, 28th Ruidoso, Varsity 12th Socorro, 16th Cobre, 22nd Silver

Boys—Championship 17th East Mountain, 31st Ruidoso, Varsity 8th Silver, 14th Socorro, 27th Cobre


Three of the teams in this District were in 2A last season, and now they find themselves toeing the line two classifications up, fun.

Addison Rauch and Alex Heffelfinger have East Mountain looking like a lock, and after the real fun starts. Ruidoso, Silver, Socorro, NMMI, or Cobre, who wants it? Only the finish line knows.

Like the two Districts, the Virtual Meets show how tight it will be, Girls and Boys.