Pecos Boys Back on Top to Win 2021 NM A/2A State Title

Photo by Jaren Brooks

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The Pecos Panthers are your 2021 NMAA State Cross Country Champions. This is the 5th title in school history and the first since their 3 straight from 2015 - 2017. Going in the season the Panthers were ranked #21 on our New Mexico Boys Cross Country Countdown which they were second among A/2A teams. There were some unknowns for Pecos going into the season and after the spring state championship that saw them finish 2nd behind Cloudcroft it was finding a way to land more Panthers into that top ten. In this race, they had no trouble with that task as they went 6-7-8 to score some major points with Elijah Lujan, Aidan Holton, and Antonio Garcia. In total, they would score 50 points to the state runner-ups Oak Grove Classical led by Joshua Marquez and third place Penasco

Gilbert Valdez ran away with the boys A/2A state title finishing in 16:00 to once again prove to be the best of the classification. Not only did he defend his title put his effort played a huge role in Penasco's 1 point difference to land them on the podium over Laguna Acoma. Max Preslar also ran to yet another state runner-up performance while Hagerman's Gerardo Mendoza finished in 3rd as the highest placing underclassmen. 

Gilbert Valdez after defending his A/2A State Title 

see more videos from the 2021 state championship here

A/2A Boys Results

1Gilbert Valdez12Penasco High School16:00.881
2Max Preslar12Cloudcroft High School16:47.852
3Gerardo Mendoza10Hagerman High School17:09.933
4Tristan Pierce11Maxwell High School17:23.594
5Noah Bugayong12Quemado High School17:34.425
6Elijah Lujan11Pecos High School17:39.296
7Aidan Holton11Pecos High School17:39.987
8Antonio Garcia12Pecos High School17:40.788
9Jude Martinez9Penasco High School17:43.819
10Milan Waquie10Jemez Valley High School17:56.790
11Joshua Marquez8Oak Grove Classical Academy18:00.8510
12Justin Muller11Pecos High School18:03.4511
13Tobias Fernandez11Oak Grove Classical Academy18:09.7512
14Aiden Kazhe-ChinoLaguna-Acoma High School18:13.0613
15Tagoya Pedro8Laguna-Acoma High School18:17.8514
16Shayton Brown12Rehoboth Christian High School18:18.4015
17Isaiah Reval12Dulce High School18:20.1416
18Joey Gurule12Academy for Tech and the Classics18:21.4917
19Nicholas Gonzales12Pecos High School18:22.8218
20Cable Angelus11Quemado High School18:23.2219
21Wyatt Griffin12Capitan High School18:25.0820
22Jevon Aguilar9Hagerman High School18:33.9121
23Charles Lynch11Rehoboth Christian High School18:37.2922
24William Ryder McElveny9Oak Grove Classical Academy18:38.0023
25Josh Flores12Santa Rosa High School18:38.6424
26Jaime Arebalos10Hagerman High School18:38.9025
27Lucas Williams9Laguna-Acoma High School18:41.2226
28Gordon Lee11Oak Grove Classical Academy18:43.4827
29Sean-Paul Holtry11Laguna-Acoma High School18:45.9128
30Jace Gordon11Santa Fe Waldorf School18:48.090
31Luke Brenden12Legacy Academy18:52.2929
32Nunez Eriacho11Pine Hill High School18:56.8430
33Gentry Arthur10Navajo Pine High School19:03.3731
34Andres Archuleta10Pecos High School19:03.4332
35Malikai Goldie8Oak Grove Classical Academy19:06.2233
36Angel Romero9Penasco High School19:07.1434
37Santiago Pacheco12Santa Rosa High School19:10.4135
38Elijah Lester11Mescalero Apache School19:10.500
39Israel Villegas11Pecos High School19:11.7736
40Devlyn Scott12Capitan High School19:19.9137
41Mason Taylor12Quemado High School19:20.6738
42Eduardo Perez12Hagerman High School19:22.3239
43Revolution Rivera11Oak Grove Classical Academy19:22.7740
44Jeremiah Martinez8Penasco High School19:23.0941
45Lucian Badash-Dyer12Penasco High School19:29.4842
46Arthur West12Cloudcroft High School19:30.5443
47Orren Floyd11Maxwell High School19:40.0944
48DeAundre Gonzales12Dulce High School19:44.3845
49Kenneth Gallegos9Mesa Vista High School19:48.6146
50Jayden Paquin11Laguna-Acoma High School19:52.3647
51Jordan Cervantes11Mesa Vista High School19:52.7848
52Dylan Thom9Rehoboth Christian High School19:54.3449
53Jack George9Quemado High School19:54.8150
54Lee Kenneke12Cimarron High School19:57.9151
55Jaden Stroope10Santa Fe Waldorf School20:00.050
56Evin Toddy10Rehoboth Christian High School20:00.7852
57Shaun Storey10Santa Rosa High School20:01.6953
58Sheldon Cheromiah9Laguna-Acoma High School20:02.2254
59Daniel Philips6Rehoboth Christian High School20:02.3755
60Paxton McDermott9Oak Grove Classical Academy20:02.5056
61Jayross Edwards12Capitan High School20:03.0057
62Terrance Gallegos8Maxwell High School20:06.1058
63Tayshawn Pino11Alamo Navajo High School20:06.560
64Jade Turcotte12Capitan High School20:08.1459
65Roberto DelaCruz12Hagerman High School20:11.9960
66Andres Martinez8Mora High School20:12.0961
67Urijah Martinez8Cimarron High School20:13.2662
68Joseph Gonzales11Cimarron High School20:14.9863
69Alex Pohl11Academy for Tech and the Classics20:21.9764
70Michael Johnson8Estancia High School20:25.390
71Diego Aragon12Mora High School20:28.6165
72Matias Vigil10Penasco High School20:30.2966
73Juan Diaz12Santa Rosa High School20:32.6067
74Jason Gallegos9Mesa Vista High School20:34.2968
75Eric Medrano12Hagerman High School20:35.5069
76Kodi Rodriguez12McCurdy High School20:36.4870
77Robert Turrietta10Legacy Academy20:39.6671
78Preston Curley8Pine Hill High School20:40.2272
79Antonio Romero10Mora High School20:40.8573
80Joey Gonzales10Legacy Academy20:41.2274
81Adrian Trujillo10McCurdy High School20:42.2975
82Tony Diaz9Academy for Tech and the Classics20:45.7776
83Logan Romero9Penasco High School20:48.3477
84Mark Bright12Quemado High School20:48.4578
85Abimael Marin10Santa Rosa High School20:50.3779
86Joaquin Alcon10Cimarron High School20:51.0880
87Hooey Ramone8Shiprock Northwest20:52.0981
88Jeramiah Romero10Mora High School20:54.5382
89Lane Etsitty11Rehoboth Christian High School20:56.8883
90Matthew Solano12Loving High School20:57.870
91Juaquin Baca12Santa Rosa High School21:01.6984
92Rowen Floyd9Maxwell High School21:05.0485
93Ethan Bolton8McCurdy High School21:05.8086
94Javaun Huff11Legacy Academy21:10.2987
95JJ Apodaca9Maxwell High School21:10.9688
96Jaeden Hays11Dora High School21:13.290
97Gavin Castillo8Mescalero Apache School21:14.210
98Javier Gallegos12Maxwell High School21:15.8689
99Neal Kie11Laguna-Acoma High School21:17.9390
100Diego Melendez10Capitan High School21:18.0691
101Tavian Nutlouis12Navajo Pine High School21:20.5492
102MARCOS MARTINEZ10Coronado High School21:22.060
103Josh Serrano10McCurdy High School21:24.4793
104Max Gallegos10Cimarron High School21:24.6294
105Kolten Lopez9Maxwell High School21:28.0295
106Lincoln Alcon10Mora High School21:29.1196
107James Newell8Rehoboth Christian High School21:30.3797
108Wate Finch9Gateway Christian High School21:33.020
109Anthony GarciaLegacy Academy21:37.4498
110Brody Scruggs11Capitan High School21:47.5599
111Jaime Baca12Santa Rosa High School21:48.70100
112Johan Lopez9Native American Community Academy21:51.45101
113Noah Sanchez9Legacy Academy21:53.40102
114Andres Trujillo9Dulce High School21:56.45103
115Eric Koorn8Capitan High School22:01.96104
116Santiago Martinez8Mesa Vista High School22:02.83105
117LaCauy Lee12Shiprock Northwest22:12.13106
118Alex Singer12Cloudcroft High School22:13.33107
119Elway Begay12Native American Community Academy22:28.65108
120Shoshone Martine8Pine Hill High School22:33.58109
121John Lynch11Cloudcroft High School22:34.28110
122Callin Martine12Pine Hill High School22:45.99111
123Emelio Espinoza8McCurdy High School22:49.15112
124Axel Partida10Hagerman High School23:03.18113
125Maekquin Fossum11Mescalero Apache School23:04.640
126Raymond Tavarez12Legacy Academy23:09.12114
127Maurice Tsosie10Native American Community Academy23:15.45115
128Lorenzo Soliz11Jal High School23:18.79116
129Geraldo Bustillos10Jal High School23:23.84117
130Kevin Coca11Cimarron High School23:24.29118
131Fabian Orozco12Jal High School23:25.78119
132Conner Smith9Cloudcroft High School23:26.15120
133Jocsan Ramos10Jal High School23:32.33121
134Gabriel Gallegos9Mesa Vista High School23:35.06122
135Marallus Chee12Navajo Pine High School23:43.75123
136Jordan Gallegos8Mesa Vista High School24:06.58124
137Nathaniel Onstott12Academy for Tech and the Classics24:15.36125
138Diego Rael9Academy for Tech and the Classics24:15.68126
139Clay Hedges9Estancia High School24:17.990
140Julian Rodriguez10Academy for Tech and the Classics24:18.10127
141Lucas Chavez8Mora High School24:21.62128
142Noah Salazar8Dulce High School24:21.69129
143Bodie West9Cloudcroft High School24:32.43130
144Ualzonha Abeita10Native American Community Academy24:56.62131
145Eric Benally12Shiprock Northwest25:02.00132
146Ian Wald8Academy for Tech and the Classics25:03.90133
147Tyler Paul11Navajo Pine High School25:08.85134
148Clarence Sago10Mescalero Apache School25:11.530
149Beau Duboise12Pine Hill High School25:16.61135
150Dylan Keeto11Navajo Pine High School25:25.68136
151Ethan Vigil12Dulce High School25:52.57137
152Aaron Plummer12Navajo Pine High School26:17.67138
153River Arviso8Native American Community Academy26:37.40139
154Derek Talamante8Dulce High School27:27.33140
155Jacob Tharpe10Native American Community Academy27:48.26141
156Caleb Mariano8Shiprock Northwest29:31.93142
157Luke Othole9Native American Community Academy30:29.79143
158Landon Nez8Shiprock Northwest31:18.92144
159Gabriel Earp9Jal High School32:03.90145
160Bryan Kelhoyouma12Pine Hill High School33:21.89146
1Pecos High School506+7+8+11+18 (32+36)0:43 1-5 Split | 17:53 Avg
2Oak Grove Classical Academy10510+12+23+27+33 (40+56)1:05 1-5 Split | 18:31 Avg
3Penasco High School1271+9+34+41+42 (66+77)3:28 1-5 Split | 18:20 Avg
4Laguna-Acoma High School12813+14+26+28+47 (54+90)1:39 1-5 Split | 18:46 Avg
5Hagerman High School1483+21+25+39+60 (69+113)3:02 1-5 Split | 18:47 Avg
6Quemado High School1905+19+38+50+783:14 1-5 Split | 19:12 Avg
7Rehoboth Christian High School19315+22+49+52+55 (83+97)1:43 1-5 Split | 19:22 Avg
8Santa Rosa High School25824+35+53+67+79 (84+100)2:11 1-5 Split | 19:50 Avg
9Capitan High School26420+37+57+59+91 (99+104)2:52 1-5 Split | 19:50 Avg
10Maxwell High School2794+44+58+85+88 (89+95)3:47 1-5 Split | 19:53 Avg
11Cimarron High School35051+62+63+80+94 (118)1:26 1-5 Split | 20:32 Avg
12Legacy Academy35929+71+74+87+98 (102+114)2:45 1-5 Split | 20:36 Avg
13Mora High School37761+65+73+82+96 (128)1:17 1-5 Split | 20:45 Avg
14Cloudcroft High School3822+43+107+110+120 (130)6:38 1-5 Split | 20:54 Avg
15Mesa Vista High School38946+48+68+105+122 (124)3:46 1-5 Split | 21:10 Avg
16Academy for Tech and the Classics40817+64+76+125+126 (127+133)5:54 1-5 Split | 21:36 Avg
17Dulce High School43016+45+103+129+137 (140)7:32 1-5 Split | 22:03 Avg
18McCurdy High School43670+75+86+93+1122:12 1-5 Split | 21:19 Avg
19Pine Hill High School45730+72+109+111+135 (146)6:19 1-5 Split | 22:02 Avg
20Navajo Pine High School51631+92+123+134+136 (138)6:22 1-5 Split | 22:56 Avg
21Native American Community Academy594101+108+115+131+139 (141+143)4:45 1-5 Split | 23:49 Avg
22Shiprock Northwest60581+106+132+142+14410:26 1-5 Split | 25:47 Avg
23Jal High School618116+117+119+121+1458:45 1-5 Split | 25:08 Avg