New Mexico's Getting To Know: Savannah Ames

Photo by Jaren Brooks

Savannah Ames

A transfer from ABQ Academy, Savannah Ames is adjusting to 5A competition and attempting new events after her 11th place finish at the 5A State Cross Country Championships this spring. Today we get to know more about Savannah in our Getting to Know New Mexico Athletes Series. 

When did you first start competing in track and field, and do you recall any of your childhood competitions?

I started when running competitively in 5th grade and joined Cougars and ran in the USATF Junior Olympic Program.

Was there a certain moment when you realized you'd be able to compete at such a high level?

I realized this when I started competing against high school boys and eventually training either them and beating them

What are some bumps in the road that you've encountered when it comes to training for different events during the season?

I've had a few injuries from other sports along with iron issues so I wasn't always the healthiest but I ran the best I could.

How did COVID impact your training as you prepared for the season?

I started training for XC in the summer of 2020 and the training seemed to carry on through the 2021 XC season and eventually this years track season. I definitely think covid has impacted my training by not allowing us to have a normal season.

If you had to pick: Track and Field or Cross Country, and why?

Track and Field probably because of the low mileage for my events, I get to compete in multiple different events not just a 5k, and the track meets are a lot of fun to hang out with people and support your team.

How is the college recruiting process going, and what schools are you looking at?

Personally I'm looking at the Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Embry Riddle, and the Air Force Academy and/or West Point.
Although I'm still a sophomore I would like to start my recruiting process sooner than later

Where are you going to college? If you have already committed, what made you choose them?

I'm not sure yet

Is there another track event you wish you were good at? What is appealing about it?

I've always wanted to try javelin and maybe some shorter sprint races but overall I'm happy with the events I'm running now

What are some hobbies and interests you have outside of running?

I play basketball and guitar

Who is your role model, and why?

I would say I don't really have a single role model because so many people have helped me throughout my career and life but a specific coach from my club team, Coach Michelle Lopez, definitely inspired me to continue running even though I thought I would be terrible at the high school level

Everyone has a bucket list, so give us some of the things on your list!

What is the best advice you have received?

Live life to the fullest because you never know what the future holds.

What is your favorite pre-race snack, tradition, etc.?

jerky, goldfish, and oatmeal

If you could do a sport other than XC/Track, what sport would it be, and why?

Well, I've played soccer, basketball for almost my whole life so maybe something without a lot of running like boxing/ martial arts.

Savannah's 2021 Season Stats

2021 - Outdoor

800 Meter Run

May 29, 2021

Long Jump

May 29, 2021
May 20, 2021
May 07, 2021

2020 - CC

5000 Meter Run

Mar 26-27, 2021