Who Has The Goods? NM Small-School Boys

Josh Bennett tried out his sprint legs a bit at Great Southwest Indoor.


This one completes our trip around the block of season previews. Once again, I'm going to assume that those coming here to read this haven't necessarily read all the others, so I'll begin with a link to each of the others, then a bit of introduction.

New Mexico Large-School Boys Preview

New Mexico Large-School Girls Preview

New Mexico Small-School Girls Preview

Earlier this winter MileSplit contacted me about doing a couple of free content articles per week to add some fresh content to the New Mexico site. I'd been away from writing about New Mexico track and cross country for a few years, but the idea sounded intriguing, so I said yes.

Since the competitive season has not begun yet, the only thing to write about so far has been preseason previews. Starting next week, however, I'll start looking at results and writing about the current season. You'll have to come back each week and see what is new for that week.

In order to have something to write about, we're going to need results. If you're sitting on a set of results and don't know what to do with them, please send them our way. Text or spreadsheet format results are best, but we can often work with other formats as well. You can send them to me at versawa@msn.com or you can send them to Jaren Brooks (find his email at the bottom of any page on MileSplit New Mexico). We'll make sure the results get posted and aggregated.

Names sometimes get misspelled in results. If I'm spelling a name wrong, please let me know. Happy to fix, and I'd rather be corrected than wrong about that sort of thing.

I'm also going to put out a request for photos here. If you'd like to see an athlete from your school get featured in one of these articles, a great first step is to send a photo. I can only use the photos I get. You can find my email address above. The best photo options are nice sharp photos, horizontally oriented (because that's what displays best here), action shots, and shots in school uniform. You'll see me breaking a few of those rules early on here as I use the photos I have, but those are the standards to shoot for.

You can see from this article that I could make use of a few more good photos, if I had them.

With that, you know what you need to know to get started. On the pages that follow, you'll find season previews for 3A Boys, 2A Boys, and 1A Boys. Simply click on Next, below, and you'll land on the page for 3A Boys. Enjoy!