The Gift That Keeps On Giving: A MileSplit Subscription

What was it that Cousin Eddie said in Christmas Vacation?

"It's the gift that keeps on given' the whole year."

But we're not talking about the the Jelly of the Month Club, we're talking about a MileSplit subscription! And what better gift to give during the Holiday Season?

And to better understand what this gift entails, I figured we'd break it down for you. 

Because MileSplit isn't just articles. It's not just videos. It's not just photos. It's not just rankings. It's not just athlete profiles. It's not just results. It's not just MileSplit Shorts It's not just--

Ok. You get the idea.

There's a lot that goes into the MileSplit Experience...

Premium Members

Premium members get all the benefits of our normal members, plus access to a load of additional features!

  • Photos! Premium members have unlimited access to our photographer's photo albums: PHOTOS.

  • Videos! Premium members have unlimited access to All video footage, which include races, live streams, hype videos, and interviews: VIDEOS.  

  • Rankings Galore! Premium members have access to all of our rankings articles and our custom rankings database: RANKINGS. Do you just want to see how people rank in your classification? League? Region? Class? Narrow it down by classification, league, regional, or even class to see where you stand. 

VIRTUAL MEETS - Create a meet of your design or use an upcoming meet or past season meet to see where your team stacks up.

COMPARE ATHLETES - Compare athletes from all over the state and even all over the nation, and compare their best marks, their races against each other, even break it down by high school year.

  • Athlete Profiles! Premium members have unlimited access to Athlete Profiles, showing all of their stats over the years within our database. Additionally, the athlete pages include a tab for photos of the athlete, and a tab for videos.

  • Our video system for races has a new auto-tagging system this season to make it even easier to find videos of a specific athlete. The athlete page also comes with a progression tab, allowing you to see an athletes progression in different events over the past years. A graph is even available for access in the progression tab for every event.

Non-Premium Members & Viewers

  • Access to our full-database of Results for the season, updated daily and as quickly as possible. You can access the results database: RESULTS.

  • Access to Articles.

  • Look at the SEASON CALENDAR to see what exciting and thrilling meets are coming up.

  • Captivating Features and Meet Recaps from across the state.

  • Access to free Interview Videos from athletes: VIDEOS.