Los Alamos interchangeable roster leads to another 4A Title

Photo by Adam Maxwell

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Well, Los Alamos might not have been an underdog by any means but living up to expectations can sometimes cause teams to falter under pressure. The Hilltoppers are not one of those teams as they once again prove to be too much for the rest of the 4A boys classification. They would go 2-3-4 with Keith Bridge leading the charge as Ryan Aldaz and Morgan Schaller following behind. Rowan Flores and Beck Ellis would sneak in to ensure the scoring five of the Hilltoppers would be all-state performers to score 24 points. ABQ Academy has also returned to the runner-up position on the podium with 87 points led by Senior Joaquin Deprez 5th place finish. The defending champions Hope Christian would hold onto a podium spot as they would finish 3rd with 152 points led by the #1 runner in the state. Miyamura and Shiprock get the consolation of being tied at 4th with 166 points each. Takeaways from this championship would be that Los Alamos once again has been able to plug in new rosters to the varsity ranks and succeed whether they are fourth-year members of the program, transfers are otherwise. Also should note that we should not get used to Chargers of Academy to continue to be the best man instead of the groom for too long as they do return six of their starting seven next season. 

Photo by Adam Maxwell

The season ends just as it has been all year for Hope Christian's Rendon Kuykendall, victorious. Kuykendall has proved to be the #1 runner in the state of New Mexico (not classification but entire state!) and his crowning of a second consecutive state 4A title has been icing on the cake. Even though he admits the time of 15:24 wasn't exactly how he wanted to perform he would be the fastest time of the day and only one of two boys to go under the 16-minute barrier.  Keith Bridge 15:41 performance and the scoring five of the Hilltoppers all showed out as seniors. Joaquin Deprez ran to 5th place behind a 16:53 run as he led his team to state runner-up trophy. Lovington junior Derick Castellanos will be another class of 2023 runner to look forward to returning as he claimed 7th.  The youngest of the all-state performances includes Daniel Sanchez of Espanola Valley who captured 8th in 16:56. 

Rendon Kuykendall after repeating as 4A Boys State Champion

4A Boys Results

1Rendon Kuykendall11Hope Christian High School15:24.901
2Keith Bridge12Los Alamos High School15:41.902
3Ryan Aldaz12Los Alamos High School16:27.093
4Morgan Schaller12Los Alamos High School16:32.784
5Joaquin Deprez12ABQ Academy16:53.365
6Rowan Flores12Los Alamos High School16:55.716
7Derick Castellanos11Lovington High School16:55.937
8Daniel Sanchez10Espanola Valley High School16:56.750
9Michael Riess11Portales High School16:57.958
10Beck Ellis11Los Alamos High School16:58.379
11Logan Pioche11Shiprock High School17:11.0610
12Reuben Goettee12Los Alamos High School17:11.2211
13Henry Schuett12Moriarty High School17:13.9912
14Israel Garcia11Del Norte High School17:14.0513
15Eddie Gartz9Los Alamos High School17:29.4314
16Orye Franklin12Shiprock High School17:32.4815
17George Piestewa12Miyamura High School17:32.7216
18Alex Goss10ABQ Academy17:40.1817
19Hayden Prescott11ABQ Academy17:43.5718
20Nate Klein11ABQ Academy17:44.1919
21Ryan Segura12Ruidoso High School17:51.2420
22Theodore Roundface10Gallup High School17:52.400
23Jaden Avalos12Ruidoso High School17:55.1421
24Tayan Benson12Miyamura High School17:56.8622
25Dathan Esson9Kirtland Central High School17:58.2523
26Ukiah SmithGallup High School17:59.250
27Herman Archibeque11Moriarty High School18:02.4324
28Kalen Kayquoptewa10Miyamura High School18:11.3425
29Brady McGahie9Hope Christian High School18:11.4226
30Noah Higgins9Aztec High School18:14.500
31Javen Chavez12Bloomfield High School18:15.350
32Matteo Nagle10Pojoaque Valley High School18:16.740
33Judah Daffron8Taos High School18:17.6227
34Akilan Sankaran9ABQ Academy18:18.3428
35Ismael Martinez11Lovington High School18:21.9729
36Isaac Montano11Hope Christian High School18:22.0930
37Brian Kalb11St. Pius X High School18:24.0131
38Coleton Rogers12Silver High School18:25.0632
39Abel Steinfeldt9Hope Christian High School18:28.0333
40Evan Carbajal12Portales High School18:28.1834
41Alexander Villasenor10Lovington High School18:28.8635
42Andreas Oso11Grants High School18:30.680
43Mathew Holguin12Silver High School18:31.1236
44Adam Phillips12Shiprock High School18:32.8737
45Santos Sisneros12Belen High School18:33.2138
46Ethan Billey8Kirtland Central High School18:36.7739
47Diego Martinez10Belen High School18:41.5440
48Moises Flores-gonzalez12Highland High School18:41.8041
49Lucas Tiede12Pojoaque Valley High School18:42.310
50Samuel Buershen11St. Pius X High School18:43.4642
51Ian Simpson12Ruidoso High School18:45.8643
52David Vaquera12Moriarty High School18:45.9144
53Quade Silago11Kirtland Central High School18:49.6245
54Victor Ramirez10Valencia High School18:53.720
55Raymond Hunt8Kirtland Central High School18:54.1346
56Josiah Teller12Kirtland Central High School18:56.4147
57Joshua Loretto9Bernalillo High School18:56.600
58Nevaughn Begay10Shiprock High School18:56.9848
59Nixon Reyes10Del Norte High School18:57.0249
60Jonathan Smith11Goddard High School19:00.890
61Carlos Rodriguez10Taos High School19:03.9350
62Titus Skeet9Miyamura High School19:04.2851
63Shance Johnson-Hood12Miyamura High School19:04.4452
64William Weinstein11ABQ Academy19:04.7553
65Lestat Johnson9Kirtland Central High School19:06.2754
66Matias Padilla10Belen High School19:06.7155
67Heath Yazzie12Shiprock High School19:08.3256
68Bruno Vaquera10Moriarty High School19:08.3457
69Elliot Hickey8ABQ Academy19:09.5958
70Jerimy Williams Jr.8Ruidoso High School19:11.0359
71Tobias Olson11Moriarty High School19:16.4960
72Ethan Castellanos8Lovington High School19:16.5261
73Kidus Tekle11Hope Christian High School19:19.0462
74Chandler Whitman11Miyamura High School19:19.6363
75Jeffrey Peterson11St. Pius X High School19:21.2764
76Kinan Lopez12Silver High School19:22.0365
77Calvin Waquie11Del Norte High School19:23.7566
78Calvin Payne9Highland High School19:27.4267
79Ruben Shroulote11Grants High School19:27.690
80Miguel Leon12Silver High School19:28.9468
81Hyrum Perkins11Silver High School19:29.6869
82David Padilla10Kirtland Central High School19:32.7570
83Jacob Cardoza10Belen High School19:32.9371
84Jorge Garcia9Del Norte High School19:35.2472
85Ethan Stephens8Lovington High School19:36.0273
86Luke James9Miyamura High School19:40.8474
87Michael Young12Goddard High School19:44.300
88Javen Melchor10Bernalillo High School19:44.340
89Caden Begay10Shiprock High School19:44.9575
90Brandon Mirabal8Taos High School19:44.9676
91Aaron Sanchez9Del Norte High School19:45.3677
92Kaiden Trujillo12Valley High School19:53.090
93Michael Lopez11Silver High School19:54.2278
94Ivander Wilson12Belen High School19:57.2579
95Andrew Garcia11St. Pius X High School19:58.7280
96Joshua Robbins9St. Pius X High School20:01.1281
97Justin Martindale9St. Pius X High School20:02.4582
98Augustine Abeyta9Taos High School20:02.7983
99Vicente Herrera10Taos High School20:04.0984
100Eduardo Munoz10Taos High School20:08.5585
101Blaze Sheets11Belen High School20:11.8286
102Mark Merrifield11Artesia High School20:19.8887
103Elijah Saiz10Hope Christian High School20:23.9488
104Damon Willard11Lovington High School20:24.7389
105Samuel Lee9Hope Christian High School20:24.7490
106German Baca12Highland High School20:25.0791
107Cody Webster11Portales High School20:34.0692
108Payton Blackburn8Ruidoso High School20:35.5193
109Rudy Miranda12Lovington High School20:38.1194
110Bruno Garcia12Moriarty High School20:41.5295
111Ryan Thomas10Artesia High School20:45.9396
112Velente Marquez9St. Pius X High School20:48.8097
113Simeon Hawkins8Silver High School20:54.3398
114Sheldon Windsor10Moriarty High School20:58.1499
115Sam Chavez10Highland High School20:59.43100
116Samuel Vazquez12Artesia High School21:00.94101
117Ashton Bitsilly10Shiprock High School21:01.75102
118Oscar Chavez12Highland High School21:19.09103
119Nicholas Fresquez10Belen High School21:19.25104
120Cael Grawrock9Portales High School21:21.12105
121Nathan Spray8Ruidoso High School21:23.56106
122Cray Fraze10Portales High School21:56.67107
123Tristan Baker8Artesia High School21:56.87108
124Maddox Padberg9Taos High School23:13.44109
125Landon Grawrock12Portales High School23:50.15110
126Eric Roberts11Portales High School24:10.43111
127Ethan Johnson9Artesia High School24:11.50112
128Zixi Li12Artesia High School24:33.28113
129Maximo Reyes8Santa Teresa High School25:13.840
130Vaughn Thomas9Del Norte High School26:25.79114
131Jeremy Toledo11Del Norte High School26:27.97115
1Los Alamos High School242+3+4+6+9 (11+14)1:16 1-5 Split | 16:31 Avg
2ABQ Academy875+17+18+19+28 (53+58)1:24 1-5 Split | 17:39 Avg
3Hope Christian High School1521+26+30+33+62 (88+90)3:54 1-5 Split | 17:57 Avg
4Miyamura High School16616+22+25+51+52 (63+74)1:31 1-5 Split | 18:21 Avg
5Shiprock High School16610+15+37+48+56 (75+102)1:57 1-5 Split | 18:16 Avg
6Moriarty High School19712+24+44+57+60 (95+99)2:02 1-5 Split | 18:29 Avg
7Kirtland Central High School20023+39+45+46+47 (54+70)0:58 1-5 Split | 18:39 Avg
8Lovington High School2057+29+35+61+73 (89+94)2:40 1-5 Split | 18:31 Avg
9Ruidoso High School23620+21+43+59+93 (106)2:44 1-5 Split | 18:51 Avg
10Silver High School27032+36+65+68+69 (78+98)1:04 1-5 Split | 19:03 Avg
11Del Norte High School27713+49+66+72+77 (114+115)2:31 1-5 Split | 18:59 Avg
12Belen High School28338+40+55+71+79 (86+104)1:24 1-5 Split | 19:10 Avg
13St. Pius X High School29831+42+64+80+81 (82+97)1:37 1-5 Split | 19:17 Avg
14Taos High School32027+50+76+83+84 (85+109)1:46 1-5 Split | 19:26 Avg
15Portales High School3468+34+92+105+107 (110+111)4:58 1-5 Split | 19:51 Avg
16Highland High School40241+67+91+100+1032:37 1-5 Split | 20:10 Avg
17Artesia High School50487+96+101+108+112 (113)3:51 1-5 Split | 21:39 Avg