The Best of New Mexico's Large School Girls

Nia Johnson is part of a serious one-two punch in the throwing events for Albuquerque Academy.

On Monday, I opened with a preview of the large-school boys competition for this spring in New Mexico. Today, it's time to do the same with the girls. I'll begin with roughly the same introduction that opened the boys article. If you read that one last time, you can skip directly to the next page and 5A Girls.



Some of you reading this know who I am. Others of you don't. Allow me to level the playing field a little here with a short bit of introduction. I live in Colorado but have long maintained an interest in New Mexico cross country and track and field.

I visit New Mexico at least twice a year to take in the Great Southwest meets. But, because I coach in Colorado, I don't get much opportunity to get down to New Mexico during the actual state-sanctioned seasons of competition. So, I have to do this from afar.

A few years ago, I ran the MileSplit New Mexico site. That got a little overwhelming in combination with the Colorado site, so I handed the New Mexico site off. Long story short, MileSplit asked me earlier this winter if I'd be willing to write some content for the New Mexico site now that I've stepped back from some of the Colorado responsibilities. The idea sounded good, so here we are.

This article and the one that preceded it a couple of days ago are large-school preseason articles. Next week, I'll jump into the small school fray. The plan is for two articles per week through the end of the season, but the only previously scripted content happens these first two weeks. Beyond that, you'll have to come back and visit to see what we're talking about each week.

Oh, and two requests before we move on to the actual previews...

One, please help me with spelling of names if I have something wrong. A short email to will do the trick. Also, that same email is a great place to send me photos. You see, I'm going to need a lot of photos to keep this series going through the spring.

The best photos are horizontally oriented (because that's how things display here), are action photos, and are of the athletes in their school uniforms. Initially, I'm going to use photos that don't meet all those criteria because I don't have many and the season has not begun, but when you send photos, those are the targets toward which to aim.

I can only use what I get, so please send contributions my way. I will credit those photos that come with crediting instructions.

And, by the way, if you have meet results and don't know where to send them, go ahead and direct them my way (same email). I'll make sure they get posted. You can also point those toward Jaren Brooks. You'll find his email at the bottom of every page on this site.

The next two pages will be all about 5A girls and 4A girls. Simply scroll down a little and click on Next. That will take you to our 5A Girls season preview.