A busy weekend for New Mexico track and field

Del Norte will be on the long list of teams attending the Rio Rancho Invitational on Saturday. Photo by Blake Wood.

Spring break is done, and track and field is breaking out all over the place!


Hidalgo Relays

This meet does not appear on the current list of NMAA approved meets, so it may have gone the way of the dinosaur.

Animas High School
Animas, NM

Melrose Buffalo Relays

It's a nice gathering of some strong small school programs of eastern New Mexico, to include programs like Texico, Santa Rosa, Ft. Sumner, and Tucumcari.

Melrose High School
Melrose, NM

Ramah Mustang Invitational

If you're familiar with the geography of western New Mexico, you can pretty well guess which small schools will be on hand for this one. These schools see a lot of one another. 

Ramah High School
Ramah, NM

Ron Singleton Invitational

Speaking of schools that see a lot of one another, Carlsbad, Artesia, Goddard, Roswell, and Lovington would be on that list. What isn't immediately clear is whether this is the varsity meet and the Goddard Spring Meet the JV meet, or vice versa. A good hunch might be Thursday is JV and Friday is varsity, but we'll know for sure soon enough.

Carlsbad High School
Carlsbad, NM
04/04 -

Cholla Challenge

ATC plays host to the smaller private and charter schools in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area. There is a considerable collection of talent to be shared between these schools, so expect a good meet.

Academy for Tech and the Classics
Santa Fe, NM

Goddard Spring Invitational

See comments about the Ron Singleton Invitational, above. Add Clovis, Hobbs, and NMMI to the list of teams likely to be here (another indication that this would be the varsity level affair).

Goddard High School
Roswell, NM

Jim Love Invitational

Yet another meet with questions attached about which teams are sending varsity athletes and which teams are sending JV athletes. The results should tell the story.

Portales High School
Portales, NM

Ruidoso Quad

The NMAA list of meets lists Belen, Ruidoso, Hot Springs, and Socorro coming to this meet. In a day and age where the term "quad" gets regularly abused, it's somehow comforting to believe that this one fits the definition. And, it should be a very competitive meet with these schools coming.

Ruidoso High School
Ruidoso, NM

Texico Invitational

This one also no longer exists on the NMAA calendar, so we won't be surprised if we see no results out of Texico this weekend.

Texico High School
Texico, NM

Tularosa Rose Relays

The NMAA calendar lists Hot Springs both here and Ruidoso. Either Hot Springs has a much bigger program than I think they have, or something has to give here. In any case, this ranks as a convocation of southern New Mexico small schools.

Tularosa High School
Tularosa, NM

Centennial Invitational

There are big doings in Las Cruces this weekend. After a weekend off with spring break, there are bound to be plenty of athletes a little recovered from those nagging early-season injuries and ready to put on a show. All the big schools of south-central New Mexico figure to be there, which means keeping Alamogordo inside the state lines this weekend. This one should be a very telling meet with respect to the strengths of the respective programs.

Centennial High School
Las Cruces, NM

Farmington Invitational

Taos joins the Farmington area big schools for a showdown of some proportion. Taos is a major 3A power and Farmington, Aztec, and Piedra Vista each rank as major 4A powers. The stage is set for a nice set of performances. It's too bad that Farmington is so isolated from the rest of the state, as a meet like this deserves a few more team entries.

Farmington High School
Farmington, NM

Fox/Vixen Relays

Although a 1A school, Ft. Sumner manages to bring in some bigger schools for their meet. Sometimes being a known power has its advantages. Raton and West Las Vegas are on the NMAA list of schools attending this meet, and that should help to provide for some nice competition.

Fort Sumner High School
Fort Sumner, NM

Mike Castillo Invitational

If the Hidalgo Relays bit the dust this year, this meet would probably be the reason why. Silver is a big draw and most of SW New Mexico seems to be headed to the higher ground and cooler air of Silver City.

Silver High School
Silver City, NM

Miyamura Patriot Invitational

It appears Zuni is going to the big school meet in the region this weekend. With St. Michael's and Laguna-Acoma making the trip over as well, Gallup, Grants, and Miyamura should be able to enjoy some great competition close to home.

Miyamura High School
Gallup, NM

Questa Wildcat Relays

It figures to be a small gathering of small schools in northern New Mexico. There shouldn't be a lot of standing around waiting for your heat to come up at this one.

Questa High School
Questa, NM

Rio Rancho Invitational

Here we have it, the big Albuquerque area meet of the weekend. With spring break now a piece of history, this figures as the largest and most competitive meet of the season thus far. It's a very nice opportunity to snare one of those state qualifying marks with a little psychological lift from your friends from other schools.

With all the schools coming, they could easily dub this one the Jamboree, but that name has already been used in another season. At least they resisted the urge to alliterate and call it the Rio Rancho Relays, seeing that it's not a true relays meet.

Rio Rancho High School
Albuquerque, NM

Santa Fe Indian School Invitational

And, we have one more meet that no longer appears on the NMAA calendar. The combined punch of competition from ATC and Rio Rancho may have done this one in.

Santa Fe Indian School
Santa Fe, NM

That's what things look like from here--major big school meets in Gallup, Farmington, Roswell, Rio Rancho, and Las Cruces, and small-school meets scattered all around the state. 

If you have results, please send. The less time we spend here looking for results, the more time we can spend with actual coverage of the sport.