New Mexico Weekend in Review: September 12 - 14

Chelsie Reid and Meghan Aguilera lead the Oñate team across the starting field at the Kendall Kidd Coronado Invitational. Photo by Ballard Wood.

While New Mexico didn't have widespread flooding like Colorado did, there were a meets in New Mexico that slipped in the mud and didn't happen. We'll concentrate, however, on those that did happen and the results from those meets:


ATC Everybody Invitational

This meet has all the potential in the world to turn into an item on the bucket list of every cross country team in New Mexico. Count on Tim Host to cook up something zany and for the weather to cooperate in making it a memorable weekend. Yet another reason to visit Santa Fe. Meet coverage is linked below.

On-Site Coverage

A Little Something for Everybody

A skeptical group of runners stare down a starter in an almost-too-short chicken suit at Saturday's ATC Everybody Invitational. Photo by Blake Wood.

Coronado Kendall Kidd Invitational

The back-and-forth across the border for the Las Cruces teams continues unabated. 

Oñate came back from this one with a pair of threes. Not so good as a poker hand, but a little better as a pair of cross country finishes. Thomas Salas and Manuel Casillas just missed top ten finishes in the boys race, while Meghan Aguilera and Chelsie Reid parked themselves squarely in the top ten of the girls race. I'm told that Britani Gonzalez was a DNF in this race.

Liberty Bell Cross Country Invitational

The story's been told a few times now, so we won't beat it to death here. But do take note that the Albuquerque Academy girls scored a big team win here with Claire Archibeck, Cameren Kristensen, and Erin Archibeck all under 19:30.

On-Site Coverage

Liberty Bell: The Executive Summary

Buena Vista freshman Whitney White was a somewhat surprising winner of the Liberty Bell D4 race, but the stealth factor is pretty much gone now from the remainder of her high school career. Photo by Jeff McCoy.

The Meet That Rivets National Attention

Although Liberty Bell has a regional and national reputation for speed, it isn't necessarily easy to get off the starting line cleanly. Photo by Jeff McCoy.


Girls Highlights

Boys Highlights

Southwest XC Challenge

Several northwest New Mexico teams fled the desert for a little romp in the pines just outside of Bayfield. Piedra Vista nearly came back with a boys team title, and Harrison Fleming and Timberlin Henderson dominated the individuals for a 1-2 finish. 

Navajo Prep lined up in third and Rehoboth in fifth to further represent the New Mexico boys.

The girls weren't quite as successful. Piedra Vista was the top NM school in fourth, followed by Navajo Prep in fifth.

On-Site Coverage

Girls Highlights