Something to Look Forward To

Before you make plans to be out of town next weekend, you might want to take a look at what's shaping up at the Great Southwest Classic.

Last weekend, Arizona's Ky Westbrook and Colorado's Marybeth Sant battled to a near dead heat at the front of the women's Dream 100 in New York. They'll be back at it on the University of New Mexico track next weekend. It doesn't get any faster than that in high school women's track and field.

Or how about four sub-24 entries in the women's 200? Five sub-48 entries in the men's 400? Two 1:50 types in the men's 800? Three sub-42 women's 300 hurdlers?Jenna Thurman running the 3200 against a couple of girls from neighboring states who have the potential to push Thurman out to an even better time than she's posted to date?

This is top-drawer track and field. You'll be there or wonder what you missed.

Much of New Mexico's top track and field talent will be putting in on the track, in the ring, or on the runway with some of the nations best. In addition to Jenna Thurman, expect to see Zhianna Flores, Zach Johnson, Elicia Gallegos, Jackie Katzman, Sarah Root, Laura Wendelberger, Lauren Martinez, Katie Hegarty, Kayli Farmer, and Mike Budick doing what they do best.

Event action starts on Thursday with the multis. Multi events continue into Friday and are jointed by the hammer throw and steeplechase. Most conventional track and field events roll into the stadium on Saturday, starting at 10:30 with the javelin. Track events start at 2 PM.