NMAA Update: October 26th

The most recent Q&A with Sally Marquez has revealed that it was coach consensus that led to a limited five-week cross country season in the midst of the other sports set to compete early spring. This will give athletes a few weeks off to ramp back up for the track season set for an April return that will lead to the end of June. 
Lastly, because fall sports are postponed to the second semester, we've seen some students leave to compete elsewhere. What do you tell the student-athletes who remain in the state with the chance to compete in the spring?
I know it's hard. It's gut-wrenching to see what these kids are going through and I've used the word sad. We have some kids who are leaving the state, but we have others where New Mexico is home and they want to continue their education and their sports in New Mexico. To those students, I want to say 'Be Positive'. It doesn't do any good to be down about the situation. COVID-19 is here, our numbers are escalating, but let's stay positive and focus in on getting ready for the season or focus in on just staying in shape. This is a good time when instead of working out for competition, let's work out to make sure our bodies are healthy and our minds are healthy and that should be the focus. What I'd also like to say to those student-athletes is we are not giving up. We are going to continue to make sure that sports will work in the 2020-2021 school year and we will play again New Mexico.- NMAA  Executive Director Sally Marquez 

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