NM XC Top 30 Seniors Boys: Shawvan Levi

Shiprock's Shawvan Levi has been front running for the Chieftains since 2011. Photo by Holly Patterson.

The 2014 New Mexico Cross Country season has entered the post-season and now we wait for the Outdoor Season to begin. Until then, we wil pass the time continuing to get to know this season's Senior Class.

As noted previously, questionnaires were handed out at the Jamboree, or emailed to those who were not in attendance, and this is what we get. The Top 30 Seniors were determined from the 5K Rankings before the Jamboree, then adjusted after the Jamboree. If a kid was Top 30 before the race, they received a questionnare, if they raced themselves into the 30, then they were emailed a questionnarie after. With that, we continue our series with Shiprock senior, Shawvan Levi.

NM Milesplit Top 30 Senior Profile - #5 Shawvan Levi

What were your Goals for the 2014 XC Season? How did you progress toward them?

My goals for the 2014 XC season were to set new records, prepare for college, and get ready for this year’s upcoming state meet. This year I’ve been eating healthier, working out more on my lower body, and core, and focusing on running/school this whole year to prepare for college.

What does a typical week of training look like for you? Do you Cross Train?

Typically we do this: Sunday-Rest Day/Easy Jog, Monday- Hill workouts, Tuesday- Intervals, Wednesday- Long Run, Thursday-Pick-Ups, Friday- Recovery Run/Race Day, and Saturday- Race Day/Rest Day. Occasionally about 2 or 3 times a week I go swimming to work on cardio, lower legs, and upper body strength. Then once in a while I go bike riding maybe about once a week.

Describe your favorite workout and tell why it’s your favorite.

A favorite workout of mine is probably going to be the “Miracle Workout”. This has got to be my favorite because it’s a speed workout that is done on the track and not on hills, rocks, or soft sand.

How long have you been running and how did you get started?

Currently I’ve been running for about 5 years now. Running first stared for me in 8th grade year in TBA when it was about who could get a girl first and about meeting new girls. Until after my first meet and the last day of junior high practice that my coach told me I qualified to run with the high school team. From then on I’ve been having a great time running, meeting new people (besides the girls), and traveling to places I’ve never gone before.

What is your favorite and toughest race so far?

So far my toughest and favorite race would be the Desert Twilight in Casa Grande, AZ.

Describe your favorite XC memory.

My favorite memory in XC would be the day that a few friends of mine (Herbert Beyale lll, Ty Billie, Kelsey Maxwell, Eric Williams, Dominique Atcitty, and Justin Begay) were told to do a workout called Melfords Loop which we had to do a long run of about 6 miles. Instead, we went to go get snow cones and since I was a freshmen no one told me that we can’t get in trouble but I got caught. A few minutes later we all got caught. To this day the Melfords Loop is now called Snow Cone Loop.

Out of all your accomplishments, which one(s) stand out?

The accomplishments that most stand out is winning District Champ as a sophomore, earning MVP, taking 2nd at state, and setting new records from beating previous records.

What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school would most likely be Math.

When you’re not running, what do you like to do?

What I like to do is hang out with friends, play games, spend time with whoever wants to, go to the mall, watch movies, etc. Anything that involves FUN.

How have your coaches influenced you?

My coaches influenced me by always being behind me and being very supportive. They’ve been there for me ever since I was an 8th grader still learning to run. Both have been by my side ever since, helping me run my race, giving me the training I need, believing in me even the times that I don’t believe in my myself, and giving me a great and fun year for the past 4 years of my high school career.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plans after graduation is to go off to college for running and representing the Shiprock community of what kind of real runners there are that are never heard of or given the chance to be known. I just want to go and give hope to the younger generation for what I’ve done in Shiprock to show that anything is possible if you really put your mind and dedication into it. However, I also want to go to college to help support my family later in the future for always standing behind me every year and trip to support me.

Fast 6:

  1. Your favorite pre-race meal: Granola Bars, Fruits, Water, and Gummy Life Savors.
  2. What shoes do you train/race in: Nike for both.
  3. Favorite Athlete: Usain Bolt & John Cena.
  4. Favorite song: We own it
  5. Favorite book: None
  6. Favorite quote: “Every Point Counts” or “The First Three Miles Are Easy, It’s the .1 That Counts”

Thank you for your time Shawvan, and congratulations on an excellent 2014 fall season.