Amanda Babicke: Pojoaque Valley to UC-Davis

Following graduation, Amanda Babicke will head west--way west, that is--to the University of California at Davis. Contributed photo.



Name: Amanda Babicke

School: Pojoaque Valley

Signing With:  University of California- Davis

What clinched the decision for the school you signed with: When I visited the campus on my official visit, I felt like I belonged there. I could see myself going there and contributing to the team as a freshman. Once they presented their scholarship offer, it just sealed the deal.

Favorite high school track event: 200m and 4x4 Relay

Favorite high school athletic memory: My favorite high school athletic memory was when we won the 2009 AAA State Championship as a team with only nine girls. I was so proud to be part of that history-making team that won Pojoaque’s  1st ever State track championship.