Article Comment: Week in Review: February 27 - March 3

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It was a chilly, but rousing opening to the season in Rio Rancho for the Rams and their guests from Los Alamos, Albuquerque Academy, and St. Pius X. Photos by Blake Wood.
  • Chris Duran
    Adding to the Gadsden results, which are obviously up now, a lot of the times are messed up. I don't know how the timing could be off so much but one the most obvious is the 3200 meter run. The two guys that ran 10:26s actually ran 10:40x and the next guy ran 11:07. The timing was pretty poor, but everyone before that had the right times.
  • Alan Versaw
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    CoachVersaw Edited
    If they were using FAT timing, the faster times may have been lapped (or nearly lapped) runners who tripped the camera but were not identified as runners with a lap still to go. It's a common problem with 3200s. Not sure that's the explanation, but a possibility.