Elgin, Texas High School Invitational Mile March 9

  • Tony Richardson
    In 2009 we started hosting the Hilltop Mile during the Wildcat Invitational in Elgin, and have had great success, but it looks like unless we get more responses for this year's race that it will end.
    2009: 4:15.53 Collin Smith Austin High
    4:15.82 Sean Welleck Austin St Michaels
    4:16.47 Will Antkowiak Brenham
    4:16.71 Evan Hibbs Georgetown
    4:18.66 Brady Hand Georgetown
    4:20.59 Dennis Hodapp Austin St Michaels
    4:23.60 Roberto Diaz St Andrews
    4:24.64 Miles Joslin Georgetown
    2010: 4:14.61 Ethan Doherty Boerne Champion
    4:15.51 Dennis Hodapp Austin St Michaels
    4:20.12 Roberto Diaz St Andrews
    4:20.77 Mark Pinales Round Rock Stony Point
    4:22.25 Will Antkowiak Brenham
    2011: 4:16.52 Mark Pinales Round Rock Stony Point
    4:16.82 Will Antkowiak Brenham
    4:21.01 Chase Rathke Crawford
    2011(girls): 5:10.63 Stephanie Barlow San Antonio Holmes

    These are the top times from the first three races, and as you can see there were some good times, and many of these runners have gone on to run college track. I know that many coaches are opposed to splitting up their teams, but this is a great opportunity for some runners who need extra attention from colleges. Last year was the first time that we were able to run a girls race, and it was won by an outstanding Freshman from San Antonio. We are setting a deadline of Feb 26 to decide if we will be able to have this race, so this is our plea for coaches to contact us if you have a boy/boys or girl/gilrs interested in running this race. The meet is March 9 in Elgin, Texas, and the Hilltop miles will be ran right before the traditional miles. The standards that we would like for the runners to achieve are 4:30 for the boys and 5:30 for the girls, but if there is a runner who is close to these standards then let them run. If you have a runner that is interested, please contact Tony Richardson( arichardson@elginisd.net) with names, times, and contact information. Note: This is my last year of coaching at Elgin and will be retiring at the end of this year, and I want this race to continue, so please help us out. REMEMBER FEB 25 is the deadline for us to decide if we race this year or not!

    Elgin is located 19 miles east of Austin.