2nd Annual Elgin, Texas Hilltop Invitational Mile For High Schoolers

  • Tony Richardson
    On March 12 Elgin will be hosting the 2nd Annual Hilltop Mile for the boys during the Elgin Invitational track meet, as well as the 1st annual mile for the girls. We will be limiting the entries to the first 20 boys and girls who will meet the qualifying standards. Last year we had 12 boys who ran 4:30 and below, with the top 5 runners under 4:18. The qualifying time, which could have been run in 2009 or 2010, for the boys will be 4:35 and for the girls the time will be 5:20. We will attempt to run the miles after the 4 x 200 relays, so that the milers can have as large of a crowd as possible. The exact time of the race is hard to decide, but it should be approximately around 7PM. Entry fees will be 10 dollars per runner, and due to Texas rules, you must be representing your school with no "unattached" allowed. Elgin is located about 20 miles east of Austin, so I would really like to have other nearby states represented. If interested please contact Tony Richardson at: arichardson@elginisd.net.