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Gang Green vs. Butler Power Rankings (Installment #2) The computer is in for some surprizes as it it is unaware of dirt bike accidents, home cooking and secret new runners.
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    Ya, um no. This year this kid may be able to get top three just because so many runners are leaving. But lets be honest, Eric Fenton of Hope and Evan Bekes of Bloomfield should walk away from the field without any trouble. Look at the track results, Eric was the top underclassman in the entire state with Evan up there as well. 4:27 mile(state champ) and 9:49 two-mile pr. Eric was the only person on the two-mile podium that was not a senior. Eric should destroy the field this year and walk away with the state title. He will most likely be the top runner when he is a senior all classes and be at the top of the list this year.